By Kim Kubsch

ORGANIZING THE BEDROOM is second in a series of articles that features techniques for decluttering your home – one room at a time. As a Sun Lakes resident and owner of Joyful DOWNSIZING, I am passionate about helping boomers and seniors declutter to simplify their lives, organize the remaining items and downsize unwanted stuff.

This month, we will tackle THE BEDROOM. What you see when you first wake up can influence your entire day. And the last thing you see every day can influence the quality of your sleep. Sleep specialists and studies unanimously proclaim that to get a good night’s sleep, the bedroom is used only for sex and sleeping; therefore, let’s create a calming environment.

The secret to creating a clutter-free zone in this room is to create four boxes or bins labeled:

*   Give Away / Donate
*   Throw Away / Dispose
*   Put Away / Does Not Belong (put in another area or room where it belongs)
*   Store It (a closet may be the storage place to keep in close proximity to the bedroom)

Clearing Clutter Hot Spots – A Checklist for your Bedroom:

*   Furniture: Has a corner chair become a magnet for worn clothing? Try a hook hung near where clothes tend to land to enable re-wearing. Put a hamper in each closet for dirty laundry so clothes don’t end up on the floor.  Clear off all flat surfaces .ie, dressers and tabletops.  Though it is tempting to load flat surfaces with photos, books, magazines, a clock, reading glasses, etc., think minimum. (FYI Sleep specialists also say no clocks and no TV). Also, remove anything from under the bed that does not belong…unless you get “under the bed” bins which can add extra storage space for seldom used items.

*  Dresser and Night Table Drawers: socks & hosiery, underwear, and night wear can be neatly separated with “drawer dividers.” These expandable dividers in wood or plastic can fit most
drawers and be easily adjusted.  Sources: Bed Bath & Beyond, Container Store,

After tossing the garbage, relocating anything that doesn’t belong in this room and your bedroom is clutter-free, now is the perfect time to do a deep cleaning. Mop the floors, vacuum the rugs, wash all the bedding, clean the curtains, dust the moldings. This will create a healthier environment in which to spend a third of your day.

Future articles will feature the Kitchen cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, freezer; Closets; Bathroom; Office; Garage. Stay tuned.

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